Hello, TED. I AM Tasha Jones.

25 December

Hello TED. I Am Tasha Jones; it was a pleasure meeting you. As we embark upon a new year, and I reflect on the things I am in total awe of God for I recall TED. Honestly, TED was not at the forefront of my list. I am not sure how familiar I was with TED; in fact, a close friend nominated me for the initial process. After completing the process, I took the TEDx stage for the first time. What is TEDx? TEDx is a program designed to give communities, organizations, and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences at the local level. Created in the true TED spirit, “ideas worth spreading,” the highly the sought-after event is almost a precursor to the main stage. The event was held in Indianapolis, Indiana and was housed at the Hilbert Circle Theatre. 22 Speakers worldwide, Eight performances and over 800 attendees gathered on October 22nd to hear, feel, and see solutions, passion, alternate routes - “ideas worth spreading!”

The theme of Indianapolis’ TEDx event was MIX it Up! The energy leading to the event was both intoxicating and trepidatious! For some reason, I allowed myself to visualize very frightening scenarios, not falling off the stage or forgetting my talk/idea scenarios, more like having to be carried off the stage in the fetal position (not sure where those thoughts came from, those feelings were an actual first). To be honest, so much excitement and turmoil found my doorstep days before the event that my energy was entirely different, almost unrecognizable. I had to learn how to compartmentalize the things that did not garner my immediate attention which subsequently is the purpose of this blog.

Five things to remember when dreams are being achieved:

My expectations for self is not everyone's else hopes for me this truth may be one of the reasons I began to visualize myself as an infant. Don’t get me wrong I have a great support system in place. My core group is unshakeable, and my faith keeps me grounded. However, I gave too many people too much power (and credit), and when they did not give me the energy I needed, I found myself lamenting when it was not the time to grieve. I learned to see the truth then MOVE forward.

Peaks and valleys are a team; I am not sure why they always arrive together, but the tangent keeps me grateful and humble. It has been my experience when new career heights are burgeoning, so are personal lows. I have learned, one MUST have deep roots to achieve mountaintop success! The higher you go, the more profound your roots must be!

Regardless of what is surrounding your space refuse to be unhappy. Find the good in everything, believe me, that attitude alone smooths out the rough patches. Remember there will be rough patches!

I am a believer in the William Henely's infamous stanza, "I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul." I create my destiny. I dream aloud (write in color); we all do. We align ourselves with the people, places, and things that lead to our desired goal. We travel our yellow brick roads acquiring courage, heart, and the mental capacity to surpass the roadblocks all while remembering home or where we've been in pursuit of the desired destination.

Do not get fooled by the sudden feeling of how did I get here, or imposter like thoughts! REMEMBER all of the hard work. Remember the time spent in pursuit. Remember everything is connected and the route you took landed you in the place you are. It does not matter who else is at the table, or on the stage or what letters others have before and after their names; YOU BELONG! YOU ARE AT THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME DOING THE RIGHT THING, so enjoy it!